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Is Your Health Plan A Dinosaur?

BigBang Health is a fully-integrated healthcare plan for self-funded, ACOs and Taft-Hartley organizations. We offer a total health benefit solution featuring comprehensive health benefits, claims administration, Stop Loss insurance, population health management, pricing transparency, Reference Based Pricing and predictive analytics.

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The Problem with Current Healthcare Plans

The biggest problems employers and employees face with healthcare plans today include lack of the ability for members to engage with each other, coordinating care for a member with healthcare providers and the healthcare plan's management staff, poor communication, inadequate price transparency and customer service, not to mention escalating costs.

The Solution

bigbang health networking

BigBang Health brings together all the components that an employer needs to structure and manage a healthcare plan that helps employees and their dependents learn how to stay healthy and what to do when they need care. This means better outcomes when a member needs care and reduces the costs for both the employees and employers.

bigbang health technology

Our state of the art communication platform makes it easy for members and BigBang Health to stay engaged and allows for real time coordination of everyone involved with our member's care. It also makes it easy for members, providers and our health plan to stay connected.

bigbang health cost reduction

BigBang Health provides services that will advise members how much a facility service will cost before it’s delivered and provides price transparency for physician and other healthcare services. We also try to reduce medical costs by identifying our members at risk before the symptoms appear while employing Reference Based Pricing to reduce overall costs.

The Components of an Efficient and Integrated One-Stop Shop

big bang healthcare collaboration

Unified Healthcare Collaboration Platform

BigBang Health provides secure HIPAA-Compliant communication and coordination between all parties involved in a member’s care. Our rapidly deployable platform is an innovative blend of mHealth and teleHealth solutions to seamlessly connect individuals throughout the continuum of care from multi-disciplinary teams to well-connected members.

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bigbang health full service healthcare insurance

Full Service Administration

BigBang Health’s third-party administration provides all the services an employer needs including claims processing, account management, healthcare services, quality customer service. We fully support open enrollment and provide documentation, forms, member communications and information to meet all reporting requirements.

bigbang health technology


BigBang Health offers a custom built information data storage platform that houses all the personal health information and client data in a HIPAA secure environment.

bigbang health provider network and pharmacy services

Provider Network & Pharmacy Services

BigBang Health manages the cost and utilization of hospital, provider and prescription medications to improve the value of the plan sponsor’s health benefits for their members. A national provider and pharmacy network provides access to more than 500,000 providers and 50,000 pharmacies.


bigbang health stop loss coverage

Stop Loss Coverage

We provide protection for our clients against high claims on any one individual as well as protection against unusually high total claims. Stop Loss carriers recognize the lower costs achieved by BigBang's approach to Reference Based Pricing and offer lower Stop Loss premiums to Big Bang Health customers relative to health plans using traditional PPO contracting methods.

bigbang health flexible healthcare plans

Flexible Healthcare Plans

Numerous flexible employer healthcare plan’s ensures that the clients’ needs can be met. This includes pre-designed plans that are ready to implement, as well as fully customized plans.

  • Compliant Benefit Plan Designs
  • Health Plan Administration
  • National Provider Network
  • Unified Communication Technology
  • Reference Based Pricing Solutions
  • Stop Loss Insurance
  • Population Health Management

bigbang health insurance population management

Population Health Management

BigBang Health’s platform supports and encourages our members to be informed and involved in their own care by focusing on Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory processes. Our goal is to help our members achieve a healthier lifestyle while earning great health rewards.


big bang health management
Health Management
big bang stop loss hospital coverage
bigbang health reference based pricing
Reference Based Pricing
bigbang healthcare administrative claims payment platform
Administrative & Claims Payment Platform
bigbang member engagement
Member Engagement
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bigbang privider network
Nationwide Provider Network
bigbang flexible health plans
Flexible Health Plans